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Indoor Cat Gardens

Experts agree that the safest place for your cat is indoors, but that doesn’t mean your cat can’t ever have a chance to walk in the grass or roll in sweet-smelling flora. You can give him his own indoor kitty garden!

Recycled Decor: 3 Easy Projects!

Author Kate Shoup is the queen of what she calls "upcycling," recycling an item into a higher use. Here are three of our favorite quick Shoup creations for the home.

DIY Sleek New Centerpieces

Put together a modern flower arrangement that, while decidedly stylish, will still look right at home on a table full of burgers on the back porch.

Holiday Party Aftermath

We have simple DIY tips for fixing those party flubs so you can move on to planning your next fiesta.

Paint The Fence! Without Breaking Your Back

What are we to do when dutiful upkeep of our yard delimiter requires a fresh coat of whitewash?

Expert Q&A: What Color To Paint Your House?

We spoke with Sherwin Williams’ Director of Color Marketing Jackie Jordan—and turned up comprehensive color crib notes!

Gutter Cleaning 101

Fix your runoff problems the old fashioned (free) way.
Keep the Kids Happy: Ideas for Game Day Fun

Keep the Kids Happy: Ideas for Game Day Fun

Super Bowl Sunday is a big deal for many families (including the kids). However, the little ones may feel a tad restless, keep them busy with these super awesome activities.
6 Stunning Gift Wrap Ideas to Make Your Gifts Spectacular

6 Stunning Gift Wrap Ideas to Make Your Gifts Spectacular

There is nothing like giving gifts to the people that matter to you the most. As much time as it takes to find the perfect gift, consider adding unique touches to the present(s) through gift wrapping.
Quick Gift Wrapping Tricks

Quick Gift Wrapping Tricks

If you struggle with gift wrapping, check out these step-by-step videos.

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