Let Go of Your Summer Glow: 5 Products to Ease The Transition

By Kate Martel

As summer fades to fall, so should your tan. Take a minute to digest, because we know it’s hard for some of you to hear. One of the biggest beauty faux pas you can make is milking your tan the whole year through. But much like autumn leaves, what started off as golden brown eventually turns to an outrageous shade of orange—which looks lovely on trees, but scary on you. So this fall, we say skip the baking in beds and caking on extremely dark fake self-tan products and embrace the skin tone you were born with.

Jennifer Butson, an advanced makeup artist and aesthetician from Mood Swings Salon in Tempe, Arizona gave us the inside scoop on maintaining beautiful skin for the fall. Below are some substitute products you can use to play up your complexion, giving it an appropriate glow (without looking like your ready for the beach in the middle of the winter).

Removing dead skin is a great way to bring new skin to the surface and start the season off fresh. Butson tells us that it is "important to use a daily exfoliant—and one that is not too harsh". We love an energizing scrub like Fresh Citrus Energizing Body Wash by Neutrogena for its clean scent and gentle scrubbing microbeads.

Tinted Moisturizer
Now that you’ve taken care of your dry skin, its time to add a little moisture. Lather up with a lotion that adds the tiniest tint of color to your face and torso. We love tinted moisturizer for the fall because it’s not as harsh as tan-in-a-can and won’t leave your legs looking overly pasty and pale. Butson says, "If matched up appropriately for your skin type, tinted moisturizer or foundation can give your skin a healthy glow." For the face, try a moisturizer that will slowly phase out your tanned skin like Moisture Sheer Tint by Clinique. As for the body, we’ll always bank on Natural Moisturizer by Jergens, a lotion that provides incredible moisture with the perfect amount of tan for the times.

We’re not saying to give up on color completely. One of the benefits of the fading tan is that you’re starting fresh with a new (and slightly lighter) palette. To add a brilliant pop of color to your cheeks, brush a rich shade of pink over your apples. You’ll be surprised how much the mauve stands out against your newly lightened skintone. Try a romantic hue like Cheekers blush in Plumberry Glow by Cover Girl. It’s well worth swapping your dark bronzer for!

Lastly, if you find yourself really missing the shimmer of summer, add a touch of shimmery (not dark) bronzer to your face, or sweep some body powder over your chest, arms and legs. "Bronzer is a fabulous product to create light on the skin. Simply place on the bridge of the nose and cheek bones for a radiant glow." The light-catching crystals will make skin look smooth and flawless—much like a tan would. Try using a highlighter like Glimmer Bronze Highlighting Dust by Bonne Bell to make skin radiant for fall (sans crispy skin or a fake orange hue!)

In addition, Butson urges women to "always stay hydrated...drinking at least 8, 8oz glasses of water everyday." And if possible, to "get a facial every 4-6 weeks depending on your estheticians recommendation to help maintain a healthy balance in the skin all year round."