Tue, May 1, 2012 – by Irena Eaves

The 4 Best Body Butters Under $13

With warmer weather on the horizon, we here at RedPlum are starting to pay closer attention to those body parts that may have seem some neglect over the winter months. Think scaly elbows, cracked heels and parched knees. This is where one of our favorite products, body butters, comes in handy. We hunted down the best of the bunch for any budget and collected them here just for you! No matter what your skin care woe, these great body butters have got you covered. Though we've noted a few of our pricier faves, we've also found an also-great alternate that won't cost you more than $13!

Best Scented
If you're looking for a super-moisturizing butter that will keep you smelling great all day too, try the cult favorite Kai Body Butter. Featured as one of Oprah's favorite things of 2007, this butter is scented with the fragrance of the original Kai perfume oil. Though it normally retails for around $60, we found it for only $47 at! During tough times like these, spending $47 on a body butter (even if it is a deal!) may seem out of the question. That's we absolutely love the scented butters at Eyes Lips Face. Available in five different scents from Lavender Blossom to so-good-you-could-eat-it Pineapple Mango, these butters manage to moisturize with the best of them without being greasy—perfect for anytime of day. And for only $4 a pop, you could get all five without a twinge of buyer's remorse!

Best For Mama
Ah, pregnancy. You've got a million things on your mind and billion aches and pains, the last thing you want to worry about is an itchy belly! Try this Bella B Tummy Honey Butter from Target. This uber-moisturizing formula is great for nighttime application and promises to help prevent stretch marks while keeping you belly totally itch-free (About $20). And who could forget Burt's Bees at a time like this? They certainly haven't forgotten about us and their Mama Bee Belly Butter is sure to fight itch and stretch marks, naturally! This fast absorbing butter works great all day and has a mild smell, perfect for super-sensitive pregnant noses. (About $13)

Best 100 Percent Shea Butter
Shea butter is an ingredient in most body butters, and 100 percent shea butter is an absolute necessity for those places that require intensive treatment. Try it on your heels at bedtime, your cuticles or the corners of your nose during a nasty cold. One thing to remember about shea butter: it will be a thick, almost gritty consistency, but once you warm up a bit in your palm it's easy to apply and little goes a long way. Try L'OCCITANE's Fragrance-free Organic 100 Percent Shea Butter for a bit of luxury in all the right places (About $39). If $40 is a bit much for you, de-luxe Shea Butter 100 Percent Pure is a great alternative. With no synthetic ingredients, this shea butter scented with lavender essential oil will thoroughly moisturize any rough spots. For the price, this butter really can't be beat (About $10).

Best For Your Bag
Having sung the praises of body butters for all your skin care woes, we are willing to admit one shortcoming of this wonder-moisturizer: That bulky container! Thankfully, a few companies out there had the foresight to miniaturize their products so we can take them with us where ever we may be in need. Whether in the office or on an outdoor adventure, these body butters are coming with us so that we will never have to suffer through dry skin again. Bliss took their ever-popular Lemon + Sage Body Butter and shrunk it to a portable 1.7 oz. It comes in a squeezable container with a great scent that's not too overpowering (About $12). Korres offers its Body Butter To Go in a similar size with luxurious scents like guava or quince. Made with natural ingredients, this super-moisturizing cream is enriched with active plant extracts and easily absorbs into the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue (About $8.50).

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