Post – by Kate Martel

The 4 Best Eye Creams Under $30!

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, but they’re also the first thing to show signs of aging, stress and sleep deprivation. So when someone goes to gaze into your pretty peepers, make sure they’re looking their best. Since there are so many problems associated with eyes, you need to first diagnose your difficulty. Whether it’s dark circles that never seem to lighten up, puffy pillows that just won’t deflate or deep wrinkles that are making you look twice your age—nowadays there’s a fix for all of your flaws. Below are the most common eye complaints we’ve gotten from women (and men) and the products we turn to first to fix ‘em!

Unfortunately, they’re inevitable. But if you don’t have the cash (or stomach) for cosmetic surgery, your best bet it so turn to a cream. We’ve tried and tested a whole bunch of products that claimed to make our eyes look younger, but the one that pretty much stole the show was ANEW Clinical Eye Lift from Avon. It comes with a light gel that you apply to the upper lid and brow bone, and a rich cream that goes under the eye. After using is for just a few weeks, we saw incredible results (it almost feels like you got a facelift!) It improved sagging, wrinkles and tightened our skin more than we ever expected it to—plus, it’s only $28!

When winter comes around, all of that incredible moisture we had stored in our pores seems to dry up. Avoid those dry, flaky patches that take up residency under your eyes and on top of your lids by applying an eye cream rich in moisture every night before bed. We love using All About Eyes, Rich by Clinique (About $29) when we need a boost of brightness. This extra rich cream works to moisturize the tender skin around your eyes with soothing botanicals and collagen boosters. It really works well to keep dry skin at bay and made our eyes look ten years younger.

Puffy eyes call for one thing—cooling. We tried a bunch of pricey creams and gels, but we found to be the most soothing solution for our puffy eye pillows was a product we picked up right at the local drugstore. Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller by Garnier Nutritioniste just hit the shelves and we can see why it isn’t staying there very long! This pro-vitamin B and caffeine enriched roll on went to work right away to decompress puffiness. The cool gel was super soothing and refreshing and we looked and felt better almost immediately. If you haven’t already, this is one product you need to pick up. And we couldn’t believe this cure only cost us $13!

Dark Circles
The highly coveted and well sought after No7 by many women in Brittan for over 70 years is now available in the US through your local Target. Boots No7 is a rich skin care system that’s clutch for problematic skin situations. When we tested the best products for dark circles, their Reviving Eye Gel (About $12) came out on top. This lightweight gel is infused with witch hazel, pro vitamin B5 and horse chestnut to help lighten dark circles and soften dry skin. We found that just a little bit of this stuff goes a long way, so it lasted awhile and we saw major improvement after a few weeks!