Wed, May 2, 2012 – by Kate Martel

We Copy 3 Luxe Spas' Pedicures For Under $10

You already know how to maintain your nails but pampering your feet can be a little tougher. But these are DIY days for some when it comes to nail upkeep. So we sought to create the perfect guide to just the products you need for a perfect pedicure at home. We kept in mind that a pedicure isn't just about appearance. Sometimes it all comes down to the pampering—a relaxing setting, luxurious products and soothing solutions to salvage our old tired feet. And sometimes it's more a matter of necessity, before the sandals come out of storage.

So we checked out three of the best spas in the country, in New York, LA and Boston, with an eye toward their best signature foot treatments. And then we figured out how to knock them off for way less! So go ahead and indulge your senses in some of this season's must-have spa secrets.

The Jelly Bath Pedicure
Looking for a less traditional way to pamper your peds? Acqua, a leading beauty bar in NYC offers a Jelly Pedicure—a 60 minute spa session that involves submerging your feet in Jelly Bath, a jelly-like substance to relieve tension and pain. But the best news is you don't have to travel all the way to the big apple to treat yourself. A single foot soak will only cost you $10, or you can purchase a multi-use supply for $20. They come in amazing scents and will leave you legs and feet feeling incredibly smooth. And if you want to treat more than just your toes, Jelly Bath is also available for a full body soak!

Pamper with Paraffin
While lotioning is a fantastic way to keep feet from flaking, some spas are taking moisture maintenance to the next level. MiniLuxe in Boston offers the Diva Pedicure—their signature pedicure paired with a personal paraffin wax topped off with warm booties. In order to create this spa luxury at home, all you'll need is a couple of essential supplies. A packet of paraffin wax from your local beauty supply store will run you about $6, we found a plethora of scents and soothing solutions online by GiGi at Booties can run you anywhere from $3-$130 depending on how often you do your own pedicures. We found Gel Lined Moisturizing Booties for an inexpensive $6, and these pedicure-friendly Ugg-like Bootie Pies for a whopping $128.

Sweet ‘N Salty
Although scrubs have always been a wildly popular choice in the pedicure process, it seems that ingredients like salt and sugar are particularly in high demand. Allen Edwards Salon in LA offers an invigorating Spa Pedicure that consists of an exfoliation with either a salt or sugar scrub. If you have a sweet tooth for these spa remedies, try one of these affordable fixes. Sea Salt Glow Scrub by Heel to Toe Spa Collection will only cost you $8 and leave your feet feeling scrumptious. Or if you'd rather soak up some saccharine, slather on some natural Sugar Scrub by Feet First (About $9). Either way, lathering up with these two will produce one sweet pedicure!