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Beat Change-of-Season Acne in 4 Steps!

Beat Change-of-Season Acne in 4 Steps! 1

Whoever said acne would end when high school did was sadly mistaken. Women continue to battle these pesky pimples into their 30s through their 50s...and there's no promise it ends there.

The warm summer months seem to keep breakouts at bay for many, but as soon as even a hint of cold comes around, so does acne. Fight it with all you've got with these four tips that will keep skin clearer, longer.

  1. Wash Your Makeup Brushes!
    Makeup brushes breed dirt and bacteria, which are the main components of acne. So once a week (or as often as you can) make it a point to grab your brushes and head into the bathroom for a little sudsing session. Because good makeup brushes are made from real hair, the best thing to use to wash them is shampoo. Run some warm water in the sink, and suds up your brushes until the tint of makeup is no longer there. Lay out a towel and allow them to air dry. Your face will thank you later. 
  2. Switch Out Your Foundation!
    Makeup is another source of breeding bacteria that causes infections and acne. We know, you spent good money on that powder;a whole year ago! But think of the brush you just washed and the copious amount of icky tinted makeup that washed off of it. That has dipped into your foundation bottle or powder palette over and over again. Take a permanent marker and date the bottom of your compacts the day you open them. If it's over a year from that date, it's time to toss whatever's left.
  3. Wash Your Face TWICE a Day!
    There are days we all come home and crash without washing the day off our face. Try hard to restrict this habit to only your truly nightmarish days. Not only are you sleeping in makeup which gets trapped in your pores, causing breakouts, you're also keeping everything you came in contact with that day on your face, leaving it behind on your pillow, and reusing that pillow case every night that week (at the very least!). You type away at your keyboard, pick up the phone, ride the train, touch the steering wheel, cook dinner and wipe noses: and somewhere in the middle of this, inevitably, you touch your face. So no matter how tired you are when you walk in that door, be sure to wash your hands, then face, then moisturize. Repeat every morning. And if you're worried about drying out your skin with face wash don't be. It's not 1950. Your local drug store has products available for every skin type. You just gotta buy 'em, and then use 'em, missy.
  4. Eat Your Vegetables!
    When you say this to your kids, you're onto something. Not only are vegetables a healthy, low-cal, energy-boosting food, they are also super-duper friendly to your skin. These healthy treats are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for giving good face. So no matter how much you spent on that overnight cream or how many facials you've had, if you aren't putting beneficial foods into your body you aren't going to see the results you want. Eating a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables will get you glowing from the inside out. Fight wrinkles by eating carrots, winter squash and sweet potatoes. Get glowing with eggplant, beets and purple cabbage. Snack on tomatoes and red peppers to protect your mug from the sun.

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