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Easy Lawn Care Tips for a Beautiful, Inexpensive Yard

Easy Lawn Care Tips for a Beautiful, Inexpensive Yard 1

We all want a nice yard, but landscaping can be expensive and time consuming. Luckily, there are lots of things that you can do to spend less on your yard while keeping it looking great.

Let it Grow

Even thought it seems counter-intuitive, it makes sense to keep your grass a little longer than you are used to. Professional gardeners suggest keeping your lawn trimmed to 2½ to 3 inches long. Doing so will help your grass stay healthier. A longer lawn will hold moisture better and provides natural weed control. So less watering and weed pulling or chemical week killers – bonus!

One easy way to cut back on expensive fertilizer is to ditch the clipping bag. That’s right, let those grass trimmings fall right back into your grass – naturally recycled back into the ground and act like a natural fertilizer. We like this Cordless Recharge Mower with removable mulch bag.

Use Less Water

Many towns have water restrictions that only allow the watering of your lawn every other day – and that’s for a good reason. Water shortages can affect even the most humid environments. So we all have a responsibility to use less water. It saves money, too!

One of the best ways to conserve water on your yard is to lay down mulch at least two inches deep around all plants, but be sure to stop at least two inches from plant stems.

You could also set up a network of drip hoses that can manage the amount of water used in the right places without wasting water with sprinklers that spew water everywhere. It’s much easier than self-watering, too!

Cut Out the Lawn

Perhaps the easiest way to save money on your lawn is to reduce its size. While you don’t want to ditch the pretty green lawn altogether, it might be a good idea to use alternative ground cover.

Planting borders (we like this faux stone border edging) around trees, patios, decks and walkways not only reduces the amount of grass to upkeep, it can really beautify your yard, too. Planting easy to maintain native perennials that come back each year provide rich layers to your yard and are easy to maintain.

You can also cut the size of your lawn by putting down paving or stepping stone to create a sitting area or Zen garden. Planting low-growing ground cover is another way to eliminate yard upkeep.

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