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Cute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is just a couple of weeks away; it is not too late to get creative and make costumes for the kids. Here are some fun and scary costume ideas using the items you have at home.


Mummy. Old white sheets and toilet paper are the items you need to make a mummy costume. Add touches of white and black powder makeup or face paint to take the look to the next level. Get the instructions here.


Scarecrow. A plaid shirt, overalls, burlap, and a pocket full of hay straws is all you need. Get the instructions here.   


Little Red Riding Hood. Create a red caped outfit using gingham fabric. The cape is a perfect addition to a red and white dress and a basket full of apples. Get inspired here.  


Minion. What is not to love about a Minion custom? Some of the basic items needed are a yellow hoodie, overalls, and a pair of goggles. Get the instructions here.


Gumball Machine. Check out this adorable baby costume in that you need a gray cotton infant “pilot cap” and assorted pompons. Get the instructions here.  

What are your favorite Halloween costumes? Let us know on our Facebook page using #RPHalloween

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