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5 Coupon Myths Exposed

5 Coupon Myths Exposed 1

For many people, couponing is a way of saving money and resources such as groceries, household essentials, and more. However, there are many persistent myths about coupons that prevent some people from saving as much as they can.

Below we explain why these common couponing myths are not trustworthy 

Myth 1Couponing takes too much time. Yes, some time and effort are required. It does not take as long as you think couponing does. Spend just 10 minutes on RedPlum could easily save you $10 or more on your next visit to the store. The same amount of time applies to searching through the Sunday paper circulars each week for deals – a little time can pay off at the cash register.

Myth 2: Clipping coupons worth 50 cents (or less) is not worth it. This would be true if you go to the store with a single 50 cents off coupon. However, when you use lesser valued coupons at the stores that accept double coupons, the savings can add up.

Myth 3: Most coupons are for unhealthy, processed food. Not so! While there are coupons for processed and packaged foods, there are plenty of savings for healthy staples such as dairy, eggs, grains, and even organic items. Also, there are many coupons for paper products, detergents, health and beauty supplies, and many other products you likely buy that are available.

Myth 4: Coupons promote overspending and over consumption. Most coupons are for single rather than multiple items; therefore, you do not have to buy 12 items of one thing when you only need 4. Besides, by focusing only on coupons for items your family uses regularly, you actually will find good deals. This is especially true if you have the storage space to buy in bulk when you have a valuable coupon for an item that is also on sale. Learn how to build an efficient stockpile to store bulk purchases.

Myth 5: My favorite brands do not issue coupons. If you do an Internet search for some of your favorite brands, you will find coupons for them. Moreover, if you do not, you will find one for another brand of the same item, which gives you the chance to try it at a reduced price. You may even like it better. Plus, if you are willing to switch brands based on coupons, you will save money in the long run.    

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