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How to Choose the Right Cat Litter

How to Choose the Right Cat Litter 1

Maybe, you have a new cat and are unsure of what type of cat litter to purchase, or the cat that you have does not like the brand of litter you have bought. Either way, we are able to help you have a happy cat and save money on the cat litter of your choice.

Here are some general tips on choosing and using different cat litters.

  • Keep it clean. For best results, and the least odor, remove feces daily. Also, change the kitty litter entirely about every four weeks. You may have to do this more often if you have multiple cats.
  • Clumping cat litter has some advantages. It contains bentonite, which absorbs urine and causes it to congeal into a solid lump. This makes for easy disposal, as you only scoop the clumps as you would feces. It also helps cut down on odors. Clumping cat litter is more expensive. However, you will use less of it since you will not have to change the litter as often – about once every four weeks is sufficient for one or two cats. Therefore, a price comparison is not accurate. Also, be aware that clumping litter sometimes clings to long haired cats. They might then ingest some of it when they groom themselves. While most litter is non-toxic, it can be a problem if your cat eats too much of I (this is rare).
  • Non-clumping cat litter allows urine to sift to the bottom while additives such as baking soda or charcoal absorb the odor. Non-clumping litter is less expensive but needs to be completely changed about every week as the odors will be noticeable if you wait much longer between cleanings. Further, if urine is allowed to pool anywhere in the litter box it will likely discourage your feline from using it, thus making the smell worse.
  • Be cautious about switching from a non-perfumed brand to a perfumed brand. Some cats object to the introduced scent and refuse to use the litter box. While the scented litter does mask odors, it will not help much if your cat does not use the litter box, because of the smell.
  • Crystal cat litter is tiny silica gel beads (you’ve likely seen them in packets marked “Do Not Eat” found in a wide range of products). It is highly absorbent, dust-free, and keeps odors down. It is also usually more expensive. However, you do not have to change it as often. Some cats do not like the feel of the crystals. Therefore, be sure to test it first with your cat.

Try different cat litter brands using these tips until your cat is pleased with the product. 

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