Chicken Noodle Soup With Fresh Herbs Recipe

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My basic broth recipe:
Carcass of a chicken , and partly from a bunch of turkey necks . i make broth in a large pasta pot, with a drainer insert. then, when i am done, i can pull out and strain any bones, and the depleted soup veg in one easy shot, leaving the clear stock behind. this one included leek greens. carrots , celery, a parsnip, and bay, thyme and celery leaves in a little bundle. it turned out to be pretty concentrated, with a high bones to water ratio- after 4 hours burbling away on a tiny flame. ater making my noodle soup, i still have half of the broth left in the freezer.i like to make broth a day ahead, refrigerate and skim fat.
Ingredients for chicken soup
Rich poultry broth 1 quart
Sugar snap peas, cut in half 1 cup
Thinly sliced leftover roast lemon chicken meat 1 breast
Fat type noodles 6 oz. dry
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
Fresh basil 1/4 cup , in thin strips a/k/a chiffonade
Fresh tarragon 2 tbsps minced
Fresh oregano or marjoram 2 tbsps chopped
Fresh chives 1/4 cup, snipped up with scissors

Nutrition 3 servings

Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 643
Fat 15g 23%
Carbs 48g 16%
Protein 74g 149%
Fiber 4g 19%
Cholesterol 235mg 78%
Sodium 569mg 23%


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