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The Best K-Cup Iced Coffee Recipe

When you want coffee but it's bake-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk weather, you have to give an ice coffee recipe a go. Simply use your Keurig to get things started!

The Best K-Cup Iced Coffee Recipe

Come rain or shine, there comes a time in an adult's life when they make the transition to java dependency. And it's not a bad thing—give us a steaming cup of Keurig and we'd happily go about our tasks for a few hours. But what about those sweltering summers where you can barely have a glass of water at room temperature without overheating? Well, those days call for an ice coffee recipe, but don't start running out to Starbucks yet, you can save money (and time!) with our K-Cup iced coffee recipe. 

Prep your Keurig 

It's as simple as making a regular cup of Joe. Simply switch on your machine, check the water levels, and prep your K-Kup or My K-Kup. 

Choose your ice 

Apart from coffee, ice is the second most important ingredient in any iced coffee recipe. But you don't have to stick to cubes, you can also opt for shaved or crushed ice. In fact, if you have any hope of getting a good mouthful of ice without having to do the "hushufushush" as you wait for a giant ice cube to melt down to a more manageable size, crushed is your best option. If your Keurig happens to have an iced beverage setting, you're already halfway there baby! 

Add some creaminess 

Milk is a good go-to here, but your options are endless as plant-based milk has good game. If it's creaminess you want, opt for macadamia nut or coconut milk. 

A touch of sweetness 

Here's a good tip to remember: before anything hits your glass, drizzle a tiny bit of flavor syrup along the sides of your glass to give it a bit more of a kick, especially when that ice starts to melt. There are a ton of options to choose from that span sugar-free and low-carb to different flavor profiles such as the various nuts, fruits, and a personal favorite, chocolate. If you're going the syrup route, remember not to add sugar (or too much!) to your Keurig blend. 

Your topping 

If you're going all the way in trying iced coffee recipes at home, you might as well go big. Whipped cream is an obvious and delicious iced coffee topper and if you're fresh out, a dollop of ice cream will do. Sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles on top and you're good to go. 

Your Keurig iced coffee recipe method 

While it may seem like it's a simple "throw it all together and see how it goes" type of recipe, there's a method to the best iced coffee. First, as mentioned get a tiny bit of syrup or honey in your glass. Then fill up with the ice option of your choice. Next is your Keurig blend and if you didn't add milk to that, this follows next with a bit more of that syrup and give it a quick stir. Top it with cream and you're good to go. If you haven't done it yet, invest in a reusable straw to get that full café effect. 

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