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9 Affirmations to Get You Through the Work Week

Facing the week can be daunting, but these affirmations can help you power through. Use them to tackle any challenge, or to put a smile on your face.

9 Affirmations to Get You Through the Work Week

We are all about mental health around here. Life should be lived to the fullest — and finding ways to boost your well-being can help you accomplish that. On Sundays, there are lots of great ways to take care of yourself and get the week off to a good start.

But that’s Sunday. When the work week is staring you in the face, how do you summon the mindset to power through? Affirmations can help! You’ll find some of our favorites below.

1. Everyone brings joy to the office — some when they enter, some when they leave.

Let’s kick things off with a smile, right? Make this one your mantra when dealing with difficult colleagues.

2. No negative thoughts — just work hard.

It’s crucial to keep your mental energy up, but negative thoughts can drag you down. Repeat this to focus on the positive and stay productive.

3. I’m here to kick butt and take names.

This is another (somewhat amusing) affirmation that will help you stay energized.

4. No matter what happens, I’ll face it with courage.

Got a job interview or nerve-wracking meeting coming up? Make this your go-to affirmation to stay strong.

5. Today is a brand-new day.

There are lots of variations on this one — like “Today is the beginning of something new,” for example. Use it or a variation when you’re coming off a rough or unproductive day to remind yourself that every day is an opportunity to get back on track or start something new.

6. I’m strong enough to handle anything.

Turns out, it’s totally OK to go on a power trip once in a while! Especially when you’re facing a daunting week. Empower yourself with this affirmation to keep your energy up.

7. If kid-me could believe in Santa Claus for 10 years, I can believe in myself for like, 10 minutes.

Another one to make you smile! But it’s an affirmation that can also give you a big dose of self-confidence just when you need it.

8. I’m better at my job when I take breaks to take care of myself.

Use this affirmation to fight unhealthy work habits or to overcome the values instilled by workplace cultures that demand their workers push themselves to the brink. Everyone needs a break and some self-care not only to be more productive, but also to enjoy greater wellbeing — and this affirmation will remind you of that.

9. I’m just not feeling it today — and that’s OK. Tomorrow is a new day.

And sometimes, you just can’t! Maybe it’s a sick day, you’re too stressed, or you just don’t have the bandwidth. Whatever it may be, it’s crucial to remember that every day doesn’t have to be a workday. It’s OK to take some time for yourself to reset and recuperate.

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