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Yoga for Kids

Yoga for kids can help improve their balance and strength as well as equip kids with valuable skills to deal with the emotional pressures of modern-day living.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga for kids is a type of yoga-inspired exercise choreographed with children in mind. Yoga for children includes poses that aim to help to increase flexibility, strength, and coordination. The classes are intended to be fun and engaging. They may include age-appropriate games, storytelling through movement, fun names for the poses, and animal noises!

The benefits of yoga for kids

Yoga is not just for grownups! Besides helping them to relax and focus, yoga can help develop vital life skills.

  1. Children can learn to manage their anxiety with the breathing techniques and relaxation exercises practiced in yoga. 
  2. Yoga teaches you to relax and have a peaceful state of mind by being present in the moment. This skill can help children to regulate their emotions.
  3. As they go through a selection of yoga poses, children learn about their bodies and become aware of their capabilities. This boosts mindfulness and self-confidence.
  4. Childhood depression is on the rise and many parents are concerned about how much screen time their kids are exposed to. Yoga can help children deal with depression and the day-to-day pressures of excessive stimulation from the media.
  5. As with most types of exercise, a regular yoga practice can help children sleep better.
  6. Yoga can help to reduce injury in playtime and with other sports. This is because yoga helps improve flexibility and strengthen growing bodies.
  7. As parents, we want our children to go out into the world with self-confidence. Mastering a pose and experiencing their own improvement in strength and flexibility increases a child’s self-esteem. 
  8. The different poses and moves in a yoga class require that children focus and hone their memory skills. This improved concentration and memory can spill over to their academic performance.
  9. A regular yoga practice can help put children in a better mindset when it comes to choosing healthy fruits and vegetables over processed, sugar-rich snacks and foods.

Where can you do kids' yoga?

Want to know where you can take your budding yogi for classes? Have a look online for "kids yoga classes near me". Otherwise, you can ask your local kindergarten or daycare center if they know of a children’s yoga instructor in the area. 

You don’t even have to spend money on attending kids yoga classes. There are so many fun kids yoga videos on YouTube. Haul out your and your kids’ yoga mat and do an online yoga class together. A fun way to spend some quality time with your mini-me! Once they have the knack for it, you can let them do their kid’ yoga video class on their own while you get the dinner done!

What is the best age to start yoga for kids?

Kids yoga programs will be adapted for different age groups. Children can start yoga-inspired exercise classes as young as four years old. As soon as your child can understand and follow instructions, they will be good to yo-go. 

Well body, well mind!

Yoga is a relaxing, therapeutic, and calming exercise suited to children of all ages. With so much content to access online, it is a fantastic low-cost activity for your kids to enjoy and reap the physical and mental health benefits. If you love reaping rewards and saving on everyday essentials, check out your Save mailer for coupons and discounts.