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5 Thanksgiving Games to Keep Everyone Entertained

Create some new family traditions by introducing games to play on Thanksgiving. Find out who is your family strongman and who has a knack for theatrics.

5 Thanksgiving Games to Keep Everyone Entertained

Thanksgiving is about prize-winning stuffing recipes and that pecan pie that makes you long for fall the whole year. But it also happens to be a great time for families to connect beyond the meals and the football. Thanksgiving games are quickly ramping up to be the highlight of the day, with mystery, fun, and plenty of laughter. What better way to burn off those extra calories than with these games to play on Thanksgiving? 

1. Minute to win it for Thanksgiving 

Minute to win it is a fun television show that involves individuals or teams participating in random games of chance and technique to win the prize. Some great ideas from the show include: 

  • Suck up the candy: You want to use small, bite-sized candies such as Skittles, M&Ms, or Reese's Pieces. Each player gets a straw and the goal is to suck up as many candies to the tip of the straw and then transport these to another bowl. Ramp up the stakes by awarding different scores to different colors. 
  • One-hand balloon balance: Each player holds one arm behind their back and the goal is to pass the balloon to another player and the balloon needs to remain airborne. The player who drops the balloon loses a point or is replaced by a team member if you're playing teams. 

2. Thanksgiving would you rather? 

Would you rather is a game of choice that allows the participant to choose between a series of questions, such as, "Would you rather have the ability to fly or see ten minutes into the future?" While there's no winner in this game, it's a fun way to hear what your relatives have to say. 

3. Thanksgiving charades 

Charades has been the family party game for decades and is a great way to get family members to work together. If you'd like to put a spin on this and make it a true Thanksgiving game, create a Thanksgiving theme around the prompts. These could include prompts such as Thanksgiving-related movies, animals, and songs. 

4. The pumpkin roll 

It's time to get the blood flowing and head out into the garden. Participants each get a pumpkin and the winner makes it to the finish line first. The fun part is watching family members navigate their way to the finish as pumpkins generally don't move in a straight line. Opt for large, oval-shaped pumpkins for the best gameplay. Remember to use these pumpkins when you're done in order to move closer to a zero-waste household

5. Thanksgiving pong 

You're going to need a few ping pong balls and paper cups. To keep to the Thanksgiving theme, opt for orange ping pong balls and decorate each cup with a different Thanksgiving icon. These icons have different points values, for instance, the cups with the turkey pictures are 10 points each, those with pumpkin pictures are 5 points each, and so on. Arrange the cups on the far side of the table, and just like beer pong, the aim is to let the ball bounce once on the surface and then let it bounce into one of the cups. 

Game for Thanksgiving Games? 

Thanksgiving games are the perfect way to get the family together and allow you to provide low-budget fun. Keep an eye out for templates that will improve gameplay, such as Thanksgiving charades. Save offers some great tips on family fun and even recipe ideas to make Thanksgiving even more special this year. Check out our Coupon Book Finder for more deals!