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Vegan Christmas Recipes to Try This Year

Do you need inspiration for your vegan Christmas dinner? From Save, here are some ideas that your entire family will appreciate.

Vegan Christmas Recipes to Try This Year

Veganism is a healthy lifestyle choice that is becoming more and more popular. But if this is the first year that you’re vegan for Christmas, you might worry that you’ll have to skip all your favorite traditional foods. Fortunately, a vegan Christmas dinner can be just as tasty as a traditional meal. Here are some vegan Christmas recipes sure to satisfy your entire family.

The basics

Start with the basics that you would use for any vegan dinner. Christmas foods are generally fancier seasonal versions of classic recipes, so you won’t need to invent whole new dishes (though you certainly can, if you’re so inclined). You’ll also want to make sure you are well stocked with all the vegan staples, from vegan oils to beans and rice. This lets you experiment in the kitchen without running out of anything.

The main course

You can make a tofurkey (tofu turkey) if you want, but it isn’t necessary. Instead, this could be your opportunity to show off your favorite meat substitute dish to your loved ones. Maybe you’ll start a new tradition, such as a lentil meatloaf with a cranberry glaze or a meatless mushroom Wellington.

Side dishes

The vast majority of Christmas side dishes are plant-based, from mashed potatoes to sweet potato casseroles. So all you will need to do is a bit of tweaking. Read the recipe carefully to identify animal products such as butter or honey, and use your go-to substitutions for them. Just take time to think through which items impart which characteristics to the traditional dish and choose substitutes that create the same effect. For example, almond milk has a sweet flavor that is best avoided in savory dishes, while soy milk most resembles cow’s milk in texture and protein content.


Vegan desserts have come a long way in recent years. Many are easily as delicious as their traditional counterparts. From sugar cookies baked with vegan butter and soy milk to a fancy Yule log filled with coconut whipped cream, there is truly something for everyone. You’ll want to choose your recipes in advance and make a trial run, though, especially if you’re not an experienced vegan baker. Vegan desserts can be a bit tricky to perfect, but you’ll find the results well worth your trouble.

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