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Doomscrolling: What is it and How to Break the Habit

What exactly is doomscrolling and has it found its sneaky way into your life? Try these easy tips and tricks to take control and break the destructive habit!

Doomscrolling: What is it and How to Break the Habit

Doomscrolling can affect your mental health, disrupt your sleep and just generally affect how you're feeling on a day-to-day basis. But what exactly is it? And how can you take control of the situation? Thankfully there are some easy, practical things that you can do to break your doomscrolling habit.

What is doomscrolling?

Doomscrolling is a relatively new word, but it's just what sounds like! If you've found yourself scrolling through your social media or news apps consuming negative or scary stories, then the chances are you've done a little doomscrolling yourself! Doomscrolling is attractive for a bunch of reasons, but unfortunately, it can be bad for your mental health and general well-being. 

Try these tips to help you take control of your scrolling habits and stop feeding your mind with negative thoughts and information.

Set a time boundary

Set yourself a time limit for social media use. Ever notice how quickly time seems to pass when you're on your phone? Spending some time on your phone is ok, but the longer you're on there, the more likely you are to dive down a doomscrolling rabbit hole! 

Try a digital detox

If you're struggling to set boundaries for yourself, a digital detox might be the best first step. There are so many benefits and it'll help you realize how much your scrolling habits have been stealing from you. All it takes is four easy steps and you'll be back in control of your screen time!

Find new things to do

Phones are often just boredom killers. Your phone is always with you, it's easy to grab and there's bound to be something new or interesting to read or watch. It's just so easy! If you've managed to set some boundaries for yourself, then you'll probably find you have a bunch of free time you didn't know about! Why not try some free stress-relieving activities, make happiness triggers a part of your day, or get more involved in your community

Fill your feed with something better

Instead of taking a little doom scroll through your social media feeds, start to fill them with positive ideas and stories! Try not to click on too many scary or distressing stories. Social media uses algorithms to give you the kinds of stories and content you like to read. The more you doomscroll, the more your apps will push those stories at you.

Try skipping over the bad stuff and searching for positive content that interests you! Perhaps you'd like to see more cooking videos? Or feed your love for cats? Get into gardening? Plan your holiday decor? Discover a new comedian? That's the wonderful thing about the internet - there's so much content that you're sure to find something you love that makes you feel happy!

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